New York States of Mind

Upstate State of Mind, 9x12, WatercolorGershwin and Copland were at the top of the playlist last night, and I was  in a New York State of mind, thinking about how these two children of immigrants fleeing persecution expanded our musical legacy with contributions that captured the optimism and possibilities of America. I kicked off with Rhapsody in Blue to help my head try and find its way back to a vivid sunset we enjoyed a few nights ago as we drove through New York's Capital Region.  T1 was driving, letting Mom focus on sinking sun behind the snowy, rolling hills, dotted with farms.  I marveled as I always do that we were driving through the same state that holds one of the biggest cities in the world.I've lived in New England for over 20 years--the longest I've lived anywhere in my entire life.  My parents lived abroad a couple times when I was a kid and moved within the US. When I left home, I kept traveling and moving.I love the New England, but despite the long residence, I never felt that it - or any place - was home. I've rarely been any place that I didn't fall in love with for a time, but the ants in my pants never completely leave me alone. I'm always ready to try a new food or hear the music of another language -- for a new adventure.It's one reason, that the place that most feels like home is New York state. Ten minutes from the house, it's close enough for a get away to Saratoga or Albany. Between the Capital Region and nearby Adirondacks the state offers enough diverse activity to quench - for a little while - my wanderlust with an occasional day trip.  It turns something as mundane as a snowy sunset over an Appalachian foothill into a reminder of the world of possible adventures -- from Manhattan to Niagra Falls -- just over the state line.Possibility is a powerful aphrodisiac.  Almost as heady as the adventure itself.   SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave